Bomb and Parachute Drop
Contest 2019

Sunday October 13

Event Highlights -

The 13th Annual MCRCS Bomb/Parachute Drop Contest took place on October 13th as planned with surprising nice weather with little wind and pleasant temperatures nearing 70 degrees.  This was one of the largest participating turn-outs with 13 entrants in the Bomb Drop and 5 entrants in the Parachute Drop contest.   We also had a good amount of club spectators as well as other non-participating flyers.   Joe and Irwin went from participating pilots to our lunch chefs for the best hamburgers and hot dogs ever with salads and fixings supplied by Jim!

Although we had more pilots, only three got their bombs to fall just inside the outer target ring.  Haakon Aurdal took first place in the Bomb Drop Contest flying his Electro Stick with his bomb just missing the flag by about 11-1/2 feet for a total of 4 points.  Both Jim Meighan (Senior Telemaster) and John Tanzer (Stork) tied for second with their drops missing the flag by about 13 ft and they also were each awarded 4 points.  It should be noted that Haakon lost his wheels in a practice flight when his battery died and had to be hand launched each time during the contest.  Other interesting notes were that George Miller did a cartwheel on take-off when he realized his transmitter was not set correctly.  We should give him kudos for gluing and taping his AeroStar back together and completing three bomb missions after that.  Also, Irwin Keshner lost his throttle linkage during his first bomb mission but still had a successful dead-stick landing about 10 minutes later.  

In the Parachute Drop Contest, we saw where experience in this contest paid off.  Carl Gubkin with his Tundra had his parachutes land twice on the target and took first place with a total of 6 points.  John Tanzer came the closest by hitting just outside the outer ring by about 10 feet or about 25 feet from the flag and totaled 2 points.   Other pilots were all over the place except for the target.  When Carl got his second drop into the target, all remaining pilots gave up plus it was time for lunch.  Contest was quickly over!

Special thanks to Carl for organizing and running this event as well as Irwin, Joe and Jim for providing our Lunch.  

Our Winners -

Haakon Aurdal - Bomb Drop - 1st Place

Carl Gubkin - Parachute Drop - 1st Place

Jim, Meighan - Bomb Drop - 2nd Place (Tied)

John Tanzer - Bomb Drop - 2nd Place (Tied)
                 - Parachute Drop - 2nd Place

Other Participants & Activities -
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Standings -

The following are the standings of the bomb and parachute drop contests:

Bomb Drop -

                    1st Place               Haakon Aurdal – 4 Pts. (Electro Stick) - Closest @ 11-1/2 ft. from flag)

                    2nd Place              Jim Meighan – 4 Pts. (Senior Telemaster) - Closest @ 13 ft. from flag)

                    2th Place (Tied)   John Tanzer –4 Pts. (Stork) – Closest @ 13 ft. in.  from flag)

Other participants included:  Carl Gubkin, George Miller, Ben McMichael, Bob Tharp, Tom Keigan, John Zangrando, Brian Bunda, Irwin Keshner, Joe Romando, and Augie Lucidi.


Parachute Drop -

                      1st Place               Carl Gubkin – 6 Pts. (Tundra) – Closest was 11 ft. from flag)

                      2nd Place              John Tanzer – 2 Pts. (Stork) – Closest was 25 ft. from flag)

Other participants included:  George Miller, Bob Tharp, and John Zangrando.



Many thanks to the MCRCS Members for their participation in the event.