Bomb and Parachute Drop
Contest 2020

Sunday, October 11

The 14th Annual MCRCS Bomb/Parachute Drop Contest took place on October 11th and it was held at the same time as the delayed opening day Building Contest.  This turned out not to be an issue to have both events at the same time since there were only 4 planes entered in the building contest.  Weather turned out to be okay with somewhat cloudy gray skies with light winds and temperatures in the low 70’s.  We lucked out with the weather as drenching rains left over from Hurricane Delta were forecasted to move in later in the day.  Anyhow, a good turnout of both pilots and club spectators were on hand as well as other non-participating flyers.   We had 8 entrants in the Bomb Drop and 5 entrants in the Parachute Drop contests.    

Bomb Drop –

Only two pilots got their bombs to fall inside the white 30 ft diameter circle.  Bob Tharp (Fun Cub) took first place by hitting inside the second ring and got a total of 6 points.  Haakon Aurdal took second place (Electro Stick) hitting just inside the outer white ring and ended up with a total of 5 points.  It should be noted that we also had a 120 ft diameter red circle used for the target that was left over from a previous U-Control event.  Hitting inside this red circle gave 2 points and hitting outside only 1 point.  This helped to make the scoring easier.   Carl Gubkin (Tundra), John Zangrando (S. Kadet) and Nobu Iwasawa (Votek) all had 4 points giving them a tie for 3rd place.  Joe Ramando (Flengling) andGeorge Miller (Aerostar) had 3 points and Irwin Keshner (Tiger 2) had just 2 points.  One other note is that George crashed on his first flight but all was okay for making later flights.  I believe he crashed last year as well on take-off when he realized his transmitter was not set correctly.  This year’s problem may have been for a similar reason.

Parachute Drop –

No drops hit the target but four of the five contestants got inside the 120 ft diameter red circle.  John Zangrando (S. Kadet) got 2 of his drops within the red circle and took first place with 4 points.  Nobu Iwasawa (Votek), Bob Tharp (Fun Cub) and Carl Gubkin (Tundra) all tied with 3 points.   Not sure who was closest when no one hits the main 30 foot diameter target.  Carl, who usually does well with this event, also had some issues with his transmitter when he accidently hit the wrong switch when switching from his Building Contest Plane to his Drop Plane.  This took a while to figure out why his elevator was moving instead of his throttle.  He also forgot to remove the rubber band holding the wrapped chute together on his first drop which also held a go-pro type camera.  I’ll admit that he was over-whelmed with the two contests!

Our Winners and Participating Pilots -

Bob Tharp - Bomb Drop - 1st Place
                         - Parachute Drop - 2nd Place (Tied)

Haakon Aurdal - Last Year Photo
Bomb Drop - 2nd Place

John Zangrando - Parachute Drop - 1st Place

Nobu Iwasawa
Parachute Drop - 2nd Place (Tied)

Irwin Keshner

Carl Gubkin - Last year photo
Parachute Drop - 2nd Place (Tied)

George Miller

Standings -

The following are the standings of the bomb and parachute drop contests:

Bomb Drop

   1st Place               Bob Tharp (Fun Cub) – 6 Pts.

2nd Place              Haakon Aurdal (Electro Stick) – 5 Pts.

3rd Place              Tie - Carl Gubkin (Tundra), John Zangrando (S. Kadet), Nobu Iwasawa (Votek) - 4 Pts.

4th Place              Tie - Joe Raimondo (Flengling), George Miller (Aerostar) – 3 Pts.

  5th Place              Irwin Keshner (Tiger 2) – 2 Pts.


Parachute Drop

1st Place               John Zangrando (S. Kadet) – 4 Pts.

2nd Place              Tie - Nobu Iwasawa (Votek), Bob Tharp (Fun Cub) and Carl Gubkin (Tundra) – 3 Pts.

3rd Place              George Miller (Aerostar) – 2 Pts.



Many thanks to the MCRCS Members for their participation in the event.