Building Projects

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The following are pictures of planes that the members are working on.  ARF's and other non-flying projects are shown but
 can't be entered in the annual building contest.
   Only planes that are scratch-built or built from kits are allowed to be entered.
Every plane, regardless of how well built and detailed, must fly!  The rules clearly state that a qualifying flight will
consist of a takeoff, a 360 degree turn, and a controlled landing.  Models can be re-entered if they did not place in previous contests.

2022 - 2023
John Tanzer's Donier Do 217 Night Fighter -
A Sig Kit all Balsa, 48 in wing span, twin electric powered w/ retracks & painted.

John Tanzer's Trundra Biplane -

Scratch built all Balsa, 40 in wing span, electric powered & covered in Ultrakote.

Carl Gubkin's Fotar II -

<--- Fotar II -  Last years Fotar ended up in Assunpink Lake.  This is another attempt to convert a Nitro plane (FourStar 40) built 20 years ago to Electric.

Jaswinder Singh's Rutan Long-EZ

<--- Rutan Long-EZ Experimental Plane

2021 - 2022

Brian Hoffman's Racer -
A mid 60's Sterling 1/2 A Racer being built for electric.  Brian built a similar one as his first build back in 1970.

John Tanzer's Bunker Jungmeister -

Scratch built, 44 inch Wingspan, 40 oz., Electric Powered.

Carl Gubkin's FOTAR -

This was originally Carl's Something Extra built about 18 years ago.  It later turned into Something Else after a major crash.  It has now been recovered and converted to Electric and renamed FOTAR.  Right picture has new wing covering as clear covering ripped off during initial flight!   Original plane pictures are below.

2004 Original Version - Something Extra
2005 Modified Version with 4 Star Wing - Something Else
2020 - 2021
Brian Hoffman's Texan -
AT-6 is built from a  Bryce Petersen Kit and has Rom Air Retracts.  Brian built the same plane about 50 years ago!

Jim's 30% Sopwith Pup


Carl's Cap (ARF)



2019 - 2020

Jim's completed Electric Buzzard Bombshell


Seth's Lazy Ace



Carl's 40+ Year Old Kit of a P-40 Warhawk


Paul's CAT (It doesn't fly but his son sure loves it!)


2018 - 2019

Bob Bennett - Gas to E Power
20cc Gas to Elite 30 with 100 amp bec

John Tanzer - Summer build

Soviet WWII Fighter
Polikarpovl I-16


2017 - 2018

John Tanzer build

The Bash

Made from old Ultra mini stick

Built by J. Gallagher

Built by Sal Lucania
MH-90 Jet Cat Turbine

Ringmaster U Control - Electric Power

Seth's Progress Photo's

Martinsyde Buzzard

Front gear fabrication

Golden Age Racer

Wingspan 51' Electric power
John Tanzer's build
Scratch built from his own plans

Balsa & Ply covered with Ultracoat

2016 - 2017

Seth's build

Buzzard - 1918 Martinsyde 1/4 scale

April 19 17

Jam's finished

Pilot 90" 3D Trainer & Tow
Profile Fusion with DLE 20

Rich test fitting GF-38 gas 4 stroke
March 31 17

John Tanzer

Finished Winter Project
Extra 300 - Electric power

Built from his plans

John Tanzer build

De Havilland Hornet

39 in. Wingspan Electric power

Carl's Project - 4 Star 
Power - 1.20 4 stroke

Irwin showing his Yak 54

56 in. Wingspan - Electric

Gary's Yak 54
77 in wingspan - DLE 30 powered

Jam's Fusion
70 in wingspan - DLE 20 powered

Joe Raimando

And Joe's

T-Craft Balsa USA kit


Sal's Turbo Bush Master

Electric power - 80" wingspan



2016 Builds

John Tanzer build
Cessna T-50 Bobcat

Bambo Bomber
48" wingspan

John Tanzer latest project  Grumman Skyrocket

From the comic Black Hawk

Used to fight Evil - 42 in. wingspan

Electric powered

Paul Stutesman's Cub repair

Rich finished an Seagul Extra 260 ARF