Field Photo's as we Catch Them.

       April 2023

Joseph Raimondo Estate Sale -

      March 2022

Some pilots taking advantage of a spring-like day!     Unfortunately there were a few mishaps!

Carl's newly converted Electric getting ready to fly.

Top covering ripped off on take-off but still managed a soft landing.

Brian showed that a mid-air is possible with a few planes in the air!

                This was the other plane!

Augie with his stick.  Beautiful Exhaust!

Carl tested a K&B 61 engine which was 40 yrs old but hardly ever run!

      February 2022

Johannes taking advantage of a nice day with his Rearwin Speedster and P40.

      August 2021

Teamwork - A picture of Jim Meighan’s MARQUART CHARGER (Originally built by Sal Lucania) before and after a CRASH. The root cause was a 3-pound 10S LiPO battery pack that slipped out of place and moved towards the back of the cockpits making it extremely tail heavy. The battery pack became a free floater with-in the fuselage causing lack of control. Luckily, Jim somehow got the Charger to survive the crash with minimal damage so it can return to the field soon. Many thanks to Ben and Mike Busko for locating the model in the tall weeds. Both of them had shorts on and got beat-up with scratches. 

Finally, a nice day that's not too hot!

      April 2021

Pilots taking advantage of a nice flying day between April Showers!

Unidentified pilot below going to retrieve his plane in tree.  Luckily I was there and brought a pole to help.  Little did I know that
 when I arrived I had to help rescue the pilot who got trapped in the thick brush as well as the plane.  Lesson to be learned:  Don't fly alone!

Many thanks to Pat and Jim Meighan for fixing our electric and cutting back the trees!

    March 2021

Some Pilots taking advantage of Nice Days in March!

<--  This is a 2004 Cap designed by BME Aircraft.  We again thank the Mark Hiestand family for the donation of this kit.  Plane was successfully assembled and flown by Carl.  After a few shaky landing attempts, input on the plane's CG by Nobu got it fixed!!!

    December 2020

Early morning Drone photos by Michael Odincov:

Michael's Video of the MCRCS Field

        October 2020

<--   One airplane, three owners, four motors and over three hundred flights!

     One airplane, bad battery, less than a dozen flights! -->

May 24th 2020  - Impromptu Dawn Patrol Day

March 7th - Tree Trim Day


Glider puller
For Phonix K8B Sailplane - Wingspan 140 in.
Maiden Flight - Rich and his Escapade MX - Wingspan 80 in,

June 7 2015




Posted on October 2

Race car line up

John ready to fly his new Pup

The Pup in a low pass

Rich flying his Extra 260

Torry with his new Gilmore

Gilmore on takeoff

The John and John team

Rich's Yak 54

Tuesday 07-29

Photo's from the last week or so

Ground crew working on Tony's plane

John Tanzer rapid takeoff

Bill with his Piper

Tony with takeoff

Pat with his Jail House Bipe

Jim's Edge  540 - Rich's Yak 54 - Mike's Ultimate


Action Pitts Day

Nobu Flying Don's Vintage Pitts

Featuring a Massive Powerplant

Nobu - Final check on Tony's Stick

Looks like some flightline chatter

A few questions for Nobu

John Tanzer Design and built from one of his production kits

Tuesday May 20

An Action Day

Greg almost ready to go

Nobu with his Zero

Torry landing the Focke Wolf 190

Tom has his P-51 read to go

Don is showing some moves

Brian's Pomilio landing real smooth like

Pomilio at cruising speed

Don with his ground crew

Monday - Keith Flying his Standard J-1

Standard American 22' Wingspan

Just finishing up the assembly work

Engine runup with Augie assisting

Can't get better then this!

I had to turn around to check for a line.

Monday May 5 & Tuesday 6

Great weather - Outstanding flying  - Excellent coffee

Jim with his new Edge 540 - 4 stroke power

Augie starting up his WWI Biplane and Keith as ground crew

Nobu with his 3D Power Rocket

Nobu adjusting Rich's Extra 260 - 4 stroke power

Rich ready for a go at it

Keith checking out his Piper

Jim with takeoff - Maybe practicing short field maneuver

Augie with a slow fly-by

Rich Extra 260 takeoff

Augie setting things up

John checking out his SE5-A

Nice and Easy Takeoff

Action Photo - John's SE5-A

Tony with Nobu landing his new Stick

Today January 17
Nobu test flew his new Yak.

Keith's Standard J-1

Keith's Standard J-1

Half Scale - Wingspan 22 feet

Weight 76 lbs.

Powered with a 170 3W Engine

Tuesday - March 11 - Old Farts Day

Nice day - Temperature mid 50's - Medium Wind

Allan setting up and Jim taking size of flying conditions.

Mike is setting  the plane up for landing.

Mike coming in close with his Extra.

John taking his Big Stick on out to the Flight line.

Jim ready to fly his Pulse

John with his new Aeroworks Extreme and the Stick.

Tom had his Drone out with the camera running.

Amazing photo of the Lake.

Tuesday 04-02 - Old Farts Day

Weather - Perfect

Rich flying the Pulse 120

Gary Flying his Decathlon

Torry adjuting the engine on his WarBird
Nobu flying his new 3D

Mike ready to go with his Cap

Pilots gathering to plan out the days flying moves

Rich ready to give it a try - been a long winter

Gary checking out his 300