Field Photo's as we Catch Them
June 2023 to ?


June/July 2024

April 2024

Nice Day on April 16th but windy!

John's plane picked up a lot of mud that's out past the field if you go down!

<= Carl's refurbished Cap 580 bit the dust when a wing fell off mid-air.  A bargain at the flea market is not always a bargain if you miss somethng like weakened wooden threads in lieu of using blind or self-locking nuts.

November 2023

Saturday - November 4th - Day before the Drop Contest

October 2023

Saturday - October 28th - A nice day, small turnout before a wet Sunday.

August 2023

Sunday - August 6th - A nice but warm day with a good turnout!

<-- Nobu giving great advice to Steve!

Carl shows how to stop his plane
 when there's little wind -->

A later examination shows that the wood
gave way on this 13 year old plane which
 also had some hard landings in the past.
This was not one of them but the last      
repairs made several years ago didn't last -->

<-- Carl was able to successfully fly Joe Raimondo's cub after a change to a brushless motor with Lipo battieries and larger wheels.  An earlier eratic flight required more weight in the cowl.

July 2023

Saturday - July 22nd - A very nice day at the field!

Again, not too crowded...

Wing broke off in flight during some 3-D flying.  Raul says plane had about 300 flights but flight before had a minor mishap that most likely weakened the wing joint.

Saturday, July 8th was also nice but very hot and humid!
Where is everybody?

It's Bi-plane time!

Beautiful Day on Saturday, July 1st, but where is everyone!

A few more Pilots showed up to enjoy the day!

June 2023

Club House being repaired by Brian, Pat, Irwin and Augie - Great job!

Pictures by Weng.