Field Meetings

These are a just a few candid photos taken the night of the meetings to give you an idea what went on.

August 3rd, 2022 -

Turned out to be a very warm evening with low winds that was very flyable.  The few pilots that flew found a very strong sun setting which they had to advoid from getting blinded.  During the meeting, Carl gave a progress update with his new RadioMaster transmitter indicating "Low Radio Signal Alerts" when flying a Nitro plane with a 4 cell NiMh battery.  Further investigation will be reported at the next meeting. The upcoming October Bomb/Parachute drop was also noted.  

July 6th, 2022 -

A very nice evening was on hand with a good turnout with a few people flying.  The May 21st Event was discussed and how it was a success!  Carl presented his new RadioMaster transmitter to the group which features 16 Channels with touch screen and voice alerts.  New member Keng was introduced and was able to add to the discussion as he has been using a similar transmitter for over a year and uses the telemetry features.  Jim, a local resident who flies drones, showed up and displayed an available old plane with a 120 Enya 4-stroke.

Carl's RadioMaster Transmitter

May 4th, 2022 -

It turned out to be a nice evening after rain earlier in the day.  David and Johannes got some flights in before the meeting.  The meeting discussed who would run what committee for the May 21st Fun Fly as well as how much food to buy.  Also discussed was Opening Day and the Building Contest that just occurred on May 1st.  A special thanks was made to Jim for getting the trees topped behind the clubhouse along with getting the new wind sock up.

Topped Trees over Clubhouse & New Wind Sock - Thanks Jim!