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  Club - 2016 Photo's

Rich with his Catalina

Goldberg Ex-Treme 540



Snow flying a few weeks ago

My good friend Shieling built this for me. Electric and not for the faint of  heart.



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B-24 Model by John Tanzer

Scratch Built by John Tanzer

August 25

Photo's from last few weeks

Augie getting is flying mahine ready

Heavy Flight preparation

John doing a great job - Mike instructor

Irwin showing off his P-51

John's trainer coming in

Irwin's P-51 - Horsepower

Nobu trying to figue this one out

Bob isn't messing around on this day

Irwin with Nitro Power

Greg's really nice Biplane

Saturday - April 12
Perfect Flying Day

Trying to figure things out

Frank had his new Sig plane out - Ground Crew - Mike

Rick throwing the Smoke In

Don getting his Stinger ready

Nobu flying his Yak

Gary with his Green Machine

Bob almost ready to have a go at it

Pete and Mike making some final adjustments

Rob is starting his roll out

Rick doing his final runup

Jim , Carl and Frank all wanting to go

Gary flyin his Super Piper

Mikes WWI Junker D1/J9

Robs Chipmunk

Tuesday - April 22

Not a bad day - with a little wind

Keith helping Tony with his new stick

Keith test flying Tony's plane

Discussing Torry's new Cherokee Twin - will be ready soon

Andy ready to go with his Silver Bullet - Bumblebee - Rocket

Keith with a nice Touch and Go

Rich with his Extra 300

Augie helping Keith with the startup

Work Day at the field

April 27 - Sunday

Outstanding work force on this day

Couldn't figure out how to use the timer

Some serious electrical work plus a few helpers

Parking lot heavy with vehicles

A perfect job near completion

Some of the work was very intense

Action photo - ready to go at it!

A painting discussion

Whats next? - Did I miss something?