Ham Fly
January 16, 2022

After two postponements due to bad weather, we finally got a window to get the Ham Fly in.  Sunday, January 16th turned out to be in the high teens to low 20's in temperature but with low winds.  It was very flyable but your hands would freeze quickly without gloves.  So we had a few pilots that had a flight or two that braved the cold with Irwin getting the first flight in.  Overall we had a good turnout with about twenty members trying to win a ham.  The drawing for the Hams was at 11 am as all wanted to get out of the freezing cold.

Irwin gets in the first flight of the day!

Our Pilots that braved the cold!

More spectators than fliers!
Other Pilots that braved the cold!

Getting Tickets for Drawing

Getting Ready for the Drawing

The Drawing for the Ham!

Some of our Winners!