Ham Fly
January 1, 2024

Monday, January 1st, turned out to be a very decent flying day with very low winds and temperatures in the low to mid forties.  If you dressed warm, the weather and conditions were great for flying!  We had a very big turnout with over 20 members with about half flying.  Johannes got the first flight in for 2024 with his biplane.  The drawing for the Hams was held about 11:30 am as pilots were having a great time flying.  Refer to the pictures below.......
First flight of the year!

Some of the pilots that flew as well as those that watched!


Electric Motor Problems after 3-D Flying!

Kite Flying too!

Mo and son demonstrated and flew their kites.

2023 Service Award Presentation to Dan

Getting Hams ready for Drawing

The Drawing for the Hams!

Some of our Winners!


Photo by Carl