Opening Day

  (Official Opening Day & Building Contest Delayed)

October 11, 2020

The delayed Building Contest took place on October 11th in conjuction with the Bomb/ Parachute Drop Contest.   A good turnout of flyers were at the field even though there were only 4 entrants in the Building Contest.  It was a gray and cloudy sky but winds were low and temperatures reached about 70 degrees.

Building Contest Flyers -

Flying and Other -

May 3, 2020

Even though we're in the middle of a Pandemic, we still had a good group of flyers at the field.  The official Opening Day and Building Contest is being delayed but we proved today that we could still get flyers to the field and have a decent time.  This was the first day that alot of members were out at the field in awhile and we even had a board meeting.  Many thanks to Rich Lee who was giving a lot of RC items away since he is moving to Tennesse.   The following are a few candid photos of what was happening.  It also was a decent flying day with temperatures in the 70's which has been the exception as its been recently cold and rainy!

Board Meeting -

Notice Masks and Social Distancing being adhered to!

Rich Lee's Items -

Flying and Other -