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Seth Hunter's WWI Halberstadt DIII  Keith Zimmerly's Nieuport 11 Bebe   Greg Lucidi's Autogyro   
Nobu's Autogyro Redemption
Keith Zimmerly's Nieuport 28

Seth Hunter's scratch-designed and built WWI Halberstadt DIII.

The 1/3 scale plane weighs 42 lbs and is powered by a Fuji 64 engine.

The model has some unusual features, including full-flying stab and rudder, pull-pull controls on all surfaces, a scale model of the Argus 120 HP straight 6 cylinder water-cooled engine used on the original, and a unique "droop" in the trailing edges of the bottom wing that has the affect of flaps (historians don't know for sure why the German's made the droopy wing, but the model flies great - slow and easy!)


Keith Zimmerly's half-scale Nieuport 11 Bebe, built from plans of his own design drawn on a 4X8 piece of Sheetrock.  From the time the pencil hit the sheetrock to completion was 4 weeks!!!  The finished product  weighs in at under 45 pounds.


Nobu Iwasawa piloting Greg Lucidi's old auto gyro fresh out of retirement.

Maybe just a "bit more" down elevator travel needed in this bird.



Remembering Rich and his Yak 54

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A Quiet Day at the MCRCS Flying Field

Yak Yak Yak RC Plane Flight