Keith Zimmerly's scratch-built and designed Nieuport 11 Bebe 

Keith Zimmerly's half-scale Nieuport 11 Bebe, built from plans of his own design drawn on a 4X8 piece of Sheetrock.  From the time the pencil hit the sheetrock to completion was 4 weeks!!!  The finished product  weighs in at under 45 pounds.

It is powered by a 3W-106 Twin gas engine with a 32” prop, headers, canister mufflers and a smoke system .  It has a 148 ½ wingspan (12 feet 4 ½ inches and is being covered in Solartex.  Maiden flight went off without a hitch and she flew perfectly.  The gun in the photo was designed and scratch built by Augie Lucidi specifically for this plane. The fiberglass cowl was  fabricated from scratch by John Tanzer.

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9 cylinder dummy radial engine fabricated by KeithHey Bebe'

Custom 1/2 scale Lewis Machine Gun scratch built by Augie Lucidi
Would you buy a machine gun from this guy?

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