Student Days
                    Flight Instruction

As a club member or applicant, you are eligible for flying instruction at no charge. The club has a team of qualified instructors that will teach you the basics of radio-controlled flight. Although instruction can occur anytime throughout the year, Tuesday afternoons and evenings, when it is light enough to fly, have been set aside especially for this purpose. During these times, students will be given priority use of the runway, airspace, and radio channels. t is the responsibility of the student pilot to make arrangements with his/her instructor, prior to any training session.

Flying on a buddy box (a system of dual controls that allows the instructor to take control with the flip of a switch), your instructor will guide you through straight-and-level flight, turns, basic flight maneuvers, landings and takeoffs. Safety procedures, rules and regulations and flying field etiquette will also be covered during your training.  When you are ready to solo, two instructors will give you an evaluation flight during which you will demonstrate your ability to safely control the airplane. Then you’ll be ready to fly on your own.

For a complete list of requirements, visit the Solo Pilot Certification page. 

Following is a list of club instructors who are accepting new students:
Photos by Allan Schear MCRCS Instructors Photos by Allan Schear

Mike Busko                (908) 789-2085

Armand Graziani       (732) 821-7524

Nobu Iwasawa          (732) 238-7873

Bob Levanduski       (609) 259-2289

Bill Malinowski         (856) 829-3983

Alex Nyere                (609) 259-3819

David Ramsey          (609) 259-6757

Walt Siedlecki           (732) 257-5330