2010 Building Contest
May 2, 2010


The annual Building Contest, traditionally held on Opening Day, was underway. The turnout was great and it was a beautiful day for flying. This year there were eleven entries, ranging from scratch built WWI bi-planes to aerobatic /3D capable ARFs.

As the contest got underway, proud owners displayed their work for the judges. Every plane, regardless of how well built and detaled, must fly! The rules clearly state that a qualifying flight will consist of a takeoff, a 360° turn, and a controlled landing. 

In past years, some entries were reluctantly disqualified because they were unable to perform the required air maneuvers. This year, however, all planes met the requirements. The entries were judged by club members in a members-choice format. An award will be given to each member entering a model. The three models in each category with the most votes will be recognized as first, second, and third. Categories include scale, non-scale, old timers, almost ready to fly (ARF), and unorthodox. 

Seth Hunter designed and scratch built this Pfalz DXV.Nice engine detail, Seth!
Jim Van Buren with his Carden Yak 54.Gary Sciarratta displays his Super Decathlon.
Bruce Everston assists with pre-flight.Keith Zimmerly with his scratch-built WWI DH-4.
A scale take-off.Bob Levanduski and his WWI Avro 504K.
The Avro in a smooth ascent.Irwin Keshner holds his Pitts Monster.
Tom Dyl shows off his WWII AT-6 Texan.Carl Gubkin poses with his Extra 300.
Haakon Aurdal with his Escapark.Chris Leeds and his Clip wing Cub.
Frank Figurelli displays his Inspire 60.The judges in action.

Time for lunch.

Building Rules!

Opening Day

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