4th Annual
Bomb/Parachute Drop Contest
October 10, 2010

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The weather for the 4th Annual Bomb/Parachute contest turned out to be great!  The Bomb Drop contest was very close so a measurement to the flag decided that Joe Raimondo won with his old Flegling and just beat Jim Feszchak and Bob Levanduski for 1st Place.  Carl Gubkin had one excellent parachute drop (4 Points) which was about 9 feet from the flag.  This beat Jans Brower’s two 1 Point drops. These are the final results:

Photos by Allan SchearBomb Drop Photos by Allan Schear

1st PlaceJoe Raimondo - 5 Points (Flegling - Closest about 6 feet from flag)
2nd PlaceJim Feszchak - 5 Points (Ultra Stick - Closest about 9 feet from flag)
3rd PlaceBob Levanduski - 5 Points (Staub - Closest about 10 feet from flag)
4th PlaceJim Van Buren - 4 Points (E-flite Eratix - Closest about 15 feet from flag)
5th PlaceJonathan Bayer - 2 Points (Staub)
6th PlaceCarl Gubkin- 1 Point (Cub - Concentrated on Parachute Drop after 1st bomb)

Photos by Allan Schear Parachute Drop Photos by Allan Schear

1st PlaceCarl Gubkin - 4 Points (Cub)
2nd PlaceJans Brower - 2 Points (Old Timer)

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