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MCRCS 2008 Jumbo Jamboree

This page contains pictures from the 19th Annual Mercer County Jumbo Jamboree Air Show held at Warren Kruse Field on May 24th and 25th, 2008. Click on a picture to see a larger image. Higher-resolution images of the models are available to their owners by emailing a request to

Setting Up

Wind sock The sky looked great, but the wind was worrisome. John Tanzer When it comes to directing setup, John Tanzer is the man. John Tanzer No one understands tentsmanship like John. Coming together Like an intricate dance, everything comes together. Matching numbers Of course the numbers assist fading memories.

First Light

GPS coordinates We know exactly where the field is. Sign to show Signs lead visitors in. Getting out is another story. Model hangar As Saturday dawned, many models were already hangared. Parked outside Or parked outside the back door. Mobile homes Several avid flyers bring their homes and their models.
Rick Andrese At first light, Rick Andrese was already at work. The Pit Models lay across the pit in various stages of assembly. Big Daddy There's no doubt how Britt “Big Daddy” Hubert spends his time. The Pit As starting time approached, more models filled the pit.  

Into the Blue

Mike Shauger's PT-19 Michael Shauger's PT-19 was one of the first to fly. Dan Basovitch's Trainer Dan Basovitch's “Trainer” filled the morning sky with smoke. Smoke Lots of it.
John English's P-38 John English's P-38 was the only twin at the event. Gary Rosenthal's Taube Dan Basovitch helps Gary Rosenthal start his Taube.
Gary Rosenthal's Taube Gary's red Taube contrasted well against the blue sky. Bob Mackey's T-170 Chris Leeds helps Bob Mackey start his T-170. Adam Lilley's Cub Adam Lilley's Cub was seen, but the Flying Farmer wasn't. Joe Malagreca's GBee Peter Malagreca prepares to taxi his GBee. Joe Malagreca's GBee Crisp color and detail made the GBee was a pleasure to watch.
John Braun's PT-17 An assistant helps John Braun range test his PT-17. John Braun's PT-17 John's bright yellow PT-17 was easy to see. John Braun's PT-17 And easy to watch, from any angle. Britt Hubert's Pup Russ Breuninger helps Britt Hubert start his Sopwith Pup. Britt Hubert's Pup With a 100” span, even in sky colors it was easy to see.
Rick Andrese's T-Craft Rick Andrese's Taylorcraft floated gently through the sky. Unknown model The identities of some aircraft ... Unknown model ... and their owners remain elusive. Stearman biplane An unidentified Stearman biplane. Nobu Iwasawa's Zero Scott Bonomo's Zero rises above the trees.
Jennifer Lilley's Taube Jennifer Lilley's yellow Taube floated high above the pattern. Dan Basovitch's P-51 Dan Basovitch flew this P-51, the Big Beautiful Doll. Anthony Pansini's Hellcat Anthony Pansini's Hellcat made an exciting takeoff. Pat Monacelli's Extra Pat Monacelli prepares to fly his Carden Extra. Slow flight 3-D wasn't allowed, but slow flight wasn't restricted.
Steve Gallup's El Bandito Steve Gallup prepares to fly his Carden El Bandito. El Bandito El Bandito's colors pop from the sky. George Kowalewski's Corsair Gerorge Kowalewski's Corsair touched down. Robert Keibley's Tiger Moth The smaller of two Tiger Moth's belonged to Robert Keibley. Military Cub A military Cub of unknown ownership.
Britt Hubert's Yak 54 Britt Hubert's Yak 54 completes a loop. Harry Jenhin's Waco Harry Jenhin's Waco Cabin biplane takes off. Hangar-9 P-47 A Hangar-9 P-47.
Mike Luciano's AT-6 The Luciano's prepare to fly their AT-6. Michael Marafioti's Extra Michael Marafioti starts his Extra 330C.
Walt Siedlecki's SE-5a Walt Siedlecki and his father (also Walt) start their SE-5a. SE=5a in flight Walt's SE-5a in flight.
Bob Levanduski's Fokker DR1 Bob Levanduski's Fokker DR1 takes off. Keith Zimmerly's Avro Keith Zimmerly's Avro 504C was the biggest by 6”. Chasing Not really dogfighting, an SE-5a chases a captured Nieuport 11.
Russ Breuninger's Cub Russ Breuninger's third-scale Cub was the largest ARF. Russ Breuninger's Cub Pat Monacelli spots as Russ prepares to fly. Tom Dyl's P-47 Obvious from the other side, this P-47 belongs to Tom DY*L. Frank Beshear's Boeing Frank Beshears' Boeing BF-4-2 starts its takeoff run. Nobu Iwasawa's Nieuport 11 Nobu Iwasawa's Nieuport 11 sported German colors.
Robert Keibley's SE-5a Robert Keibley's SE-5a sported squadron-leader banners.  

The Peoples' Choice

Larry Alles' Tiger Moth Larry Alles is no stranger to the Peoples' Choice contest. Larry Alles' Tiger Moth This Tiger Moth might have won at last year's Warbirds event ... Larry Alles' Tiger Moth ... but weather intervened and the contest was cancelled. Larry Alles' Tiger Moth At 140” and 42 pounds, this model dwarfed most others. Larry Alles' Tiger Moth Powered by a ZDZ 100, it was easy to see ...
Larry Alles' Tiger Moth ... and to photograph.
Formation flying Assisted by Rich Andrese, Larry flew formation with ... Formation flying ... Keith Zimmerly and his Avro 504C. Formation flying Russ Breuninger's Cub joined the formation for a while. Smoke system Equipped with smoke, the Tiger Moth filled the sky.

The Tough Competition

John English's P-38 John English with his OS .61 powered P-38 Lightning. Joe Diovisalvo's biplane Joe Diovisalvo with his gas powered biplane. Michael Shauger's PT-19 Michael Shauger with his 84” 35cc Dynaflight PT-19. Peter Malagreca's Tiger Moth Peter Malagreca with his 105” Zenoah 26 powered GBee. Dan Basovitch's P-51 Dan Basovitch with his 84” G45 powered P-51.
Dan Basovitch's Trainer Dan Basovitch with his 110” 70cc powered trainer. Anthony Pansini's Hellcat Anthony Pansini with his G62 powered 93” Byron Hellcat. Tom Dyl's P-47 Tom Dyl with his Q52 powered 85” P-47D Thunderbolt. John Braun's PT-17 John Braun with his G38 powered 90” Stearman PT-17. Michael Marafioti's Extra Michael Marafioti with his 3W75 powered 90” Extra 330C.
Frank Puccio's Extra Frank Puccio with his DA85 powered 96” Extra 260. Alex Davis' Yak 54 Alex Davis with his SD Models 87” Yak 54. Frank Puccio's Edge Frank Puccio with his DA100 powered 102” Edge 540. Britt Hubert's Fokker D-VII Britt Hubert with his Zenoah 62 powered 88” Fokker D-VII. Robert Mackey's T-170 Robert Mackey with his Quadra 50 powered 92” T-170.
Chubby D'Angell's Bravo Chubby D'Angell with his G38 powered 86” Morrisey Bravo Bruce Kane's Bravo Bruce Kane with his Z38 powered 86” Morrisey Bravo John Smith's Stinson 108 John Smith with his Q52 powered 86” Stinson 108. Rich Blatt's Glassair Rich Blatt with his Saito 2.70 Twin powered 82” Glassair. Rick Andrese's Nieuport 17 Rick Andrese with his Nieuport 17.
Brank Beshears' Boeing Frank Beshears with his 1.80 powered 80” Boeing BF-4-2. Jennifer Lilley's Taube Jennifer Lilley with her OS powered Taube. Adam Lilley's Buhl Pup Adam Lilley with is Axi 41/30 electric powered Buhl Pup. Robert Keibley's SE-5a Robert Keibley with his Saito 1.80 powered 80” SE-5a. Gary Rosenthal's Taube Gary Rosenthal's .91 powered 83” Taube.

A Lunchtime Diversion

Lee Morey Flies 3-D JR aerobatic team member Lee Morey gave the first 3-D demo. Lee Morey Flies 3-D Flying a DA100 powered Extreme Flight 110” Yak 54 ... Lee Morey Flies 3-D ... he thrilled the lunchtime crowd. Alex Davis Flies 3-D Twelve-year-old Alex Davis, flying an SD Models 87” ... Alex Davis Flies 3-D ... Yak 54, demonstrated maneuvers many of us ...
Alex Davis Flies 3-D ... wouldn't even try on a simulator. Trent Schneider flies 3-D During a lull in the afternoon, Trent Schneider flew ... Trent Schneider flies 3-D his nicely decorated Yak, demonstrating ... Trent Schneider flies 3-D ... all that remained in the aerobatic repertoire.  

Winning Big

Selling 50-50 tickets Brian Bunda and Walt Siedlecki were first to sell 50-50 tickets. 50-50 drawing A small hand is required to get a ticket out. 50-50 winner The day's first big winner took over $200. 50-50 drawing Great Lucidi coached available youth on how to draw. 50-50 winner The second winner got over $100.
50-50 drawing A third drawing resulted in ...
50-50 winner ... over $100 to Carl Gubkin.
Selling 50-50 tickets Joanna and Amanda Graziani took over ticket sales. 50-50 drawing The final drawing resulted in another prize ... 50-50 winner ... that exceeded $100.

Blame it On the Wind

Crash 1 Winds of 15-20 MPH demanded precise control at landing. Crash 2 An engine failure seemed contributory to this crash. Crash 3 Landing gear seemed most prone to damage. Crash 4 The Flying Farmer landed among the crops.  

A Few of Many

Zimmerly Swanson Vale Keith Zimmerly, Ted Swanson and CD David Vale. Greg Lucidi Announcer Greg Lucidi gave the event a voice. Sal Lucania Sal Lucania connected names to the pilots. Anklesaria Zihlbauer Hitesh Anklesaria and Henry Zihlbauer parked on Sunday. Graziani Evertsen Joanne Graziani relieved Bruce Everstsen as cashier.
Loreti Niebo Dave Loreti and Ron Niebo smile as business winds down. Dan Geerders Dan Geerders smiles as a long week finishes.  

People of Importance

Rossi Zimmerly Fitch AMA District II AVP Tony Rossi, club President Keith Zimmerly, and AMA District II VP Gary Fitch. Jim Meighan's grandson Jim Meighan trains great grandson Zach to replace Greg Lucidi.
Pat Monacelli's daughter Pat Monacelli teaches his daughter the basics of RC.
Ron Neibo's daughter Ron shows Juliette Rose Niebo the kitchen.