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MCRCS 2009 Jumbo Jamboree

This page contains pictures from the 20th Annual Mercer County Jumbo Jamboree Air Show held at Warren Kruse Field on May 23rd and 24th, 2009. Click on a picture to see a larger image (use Back to return). Higher-resolution images of the models are available to their owners by emailing a request to


Unloading the shed Every event at MCRCS begins with unloading the shed. The Regulars This year, a group of regulars led the charge to set up, John Tanzer but the undisputed general was again John Tanzer. Tent poles From the correct assembly of the tent poles, Pole dance to the intricate steps of the pole dance,
Paul Abati he directed, as others like Paul Abati Bob Bennett and Bob Bennett completed the impound. Jim Meighan Jim Meighan added the final touches Pilot training as Allan Shear and Keith Zimmerly fired up the pilots.  

By the Dawn's Early Light

Coffee is ready The coffee was ready at first light. Tents Tents and airplanes begin to fill the pits. Snoozing Pilots jittered with excitement.
GeeBee Peter Malagreca assembled his 105" GeeBee. Pitts Mark Ciaglia added wings to his 88" Pitts Python.
L-4 Checking over an L-4.
Assembling an A-26.
Nieuport 11 James McDaniels secured the landing gear on his Nieuport 11. Shirt vendor John Zissa unpacked his large inventory of airplane shirts. DJ's Hobbies Patty and Dave Sagot unpacked their hobby shop.
PT-19 ready Michael Shauger prepared to start Craig Miebach's PT-19. Zero ready Scott Bonono also hoped to be first up with his Zero. PT-19 up It was a good start for the Allies. Zero over But less so for the Axis.
Line up Meanwhile, a collection of models awaited their chance.

Skyward Bound

PT-19 landing It looked like the perfect end to a perfect flight, PT-19 noseover as Craig Miebach/s PT-19 made a "scale" landing. AT-6 Anthony DiSimone's AT-6 jumped into the sky. Inverted Cub Inverted is a scale maneuver for a Cub. Airplanes ready By 9:15, there were a number of readied airplanes in reserve.
P-51D Aleksey Lomov brought two 80" P-51Ds. P-51D In all, there were six P-51s at this year's event. Yak This Yak was Mark Ciaglia's more subdued entry. Zero Scott Bonono's Zero prepared for touchdown, Zero noseover and completed one of the day's many "scale" landings.
Hawk Je vois tout.
Rearwin Speedster A unidentified Rearwin Speedster zipped by. Eindecker Gene Gavin's Eindecker made a nice scale takeoff. Inverted Eindecker Inverted is scale for an Eindecker, right? Short field James McDaniels demonstrated short-field technique.
Biplane Michael Schauger's Stearman brightened the foliage. Extra 300 John Palestr started his bright red-and-yellow Extra 300, Extra 300 and took to the air.
Extra 260 Paul Stutesman helped Pat Monacelli start his Extra 260. German p-51 John Braun's German P-51 always gets a double take.
A-26 This A-26 seemed unstable after losing its cockpit. A-26 The landing was a bit hard and uneven, A-26 but it appeared the model would fly again another day. Inverted Pup Larry Alles Sopwith Pup at the top of a loop. Pup for Sale It was for sale on Saturday, at least for a short time.
Pitts Python Mark Ciaglia loves to blow smoke with his Pitts Python. PT-17 Frank Beshears flew this PT-17 build by Gene Gavin. AT-6 Antony DiSimone's AT-6 touches down. Stearman Michael Shauger's Stearman contrasted nicely with the sky. P-38 John English's P-38 zipped around the pattern.
Reactor Dan Basovitch flew this Reactor, Broken thumb despite having a thumb broken in two places. Greg Lucidi Greg Lucidi was the MC of the event, Gary Fitch interviewing important people, like District II VP Gary Fitch. Allan Shear Allan Shear added color by interviewing pilots.
Vagabond Hank Likes flew this Piper Vagabond. GeeBee Peter Malagreca's GeeBee sported a sharp color scheme, GeeBee which looked good against all backgrounds. P-51D P-51s ruled the event, Aleksey Lomov's shown here. Challenger Paul Sitler's Challenger II descended in a cloud of smoke.
Hotz Mike Luciano's Big Hotz, one of a few non-scale entries. SE5A Bob Bennett starting his SE5A.
Pitts Python Mark Ciaglia's Pitts, as usual leading a trail of smoke. Double Vision Harry Jenrin's Double Vision took off, Double Vision and streaked across the sky.
Lunch Toward noon, many watched from the food line. TigerCat Scott Bonono's TigerCat breaks ground. Streamers Streamers add interest to a fly by. Rhone Rotary Ray Williams scratch built this Rhone Rotary.  

In Search of Beauty

Vagabond Hank Likes' Vagabond, 11', 22 Lbs., G-62. P40 Anthony Pansim's P-40, 83", 23 Lbs., DA50. Extra 300 John Palestr's Extra 300, 84", 16 Lbs. GeeBee Peter Malagreca's GeeBee, 105", 18 Lbs. Reactor Dan Basovitch's Reactor, 85", 15 Lbs., DA50.
Pitts, Yak Mark Ciaglia's 88" Pitts Python and 88" Yak. Eindecker Gene Gavin's Eindecker.
Yak 54 Michael Marafioti's Yak 54, 101", 26 Lbs., 3W85. P-51D Michael Marafioti's P-51D, 85", 24 Lbs., G-62. PA-18 Kevin Maher's PA-18 Clipped Wing Cub, 85", 18 Lbs., G-38.
DR.1 John Eskow's Fokker DR.1, 80", 15 Lbs., SA170. PT-17 Frank Beshears' PT-17, 18 Lbs., Saito 5-cylinder. Twin Racer Harry Jenrin's Twin Racer, 107", 25 Lbs., 2-25cc. Sopwith Pup Dale Wirth's Sopwith Pup, 80", 12 Lbs., G-23. PT-17 Alan Newton's PT-17, 90", 27 Lbs., Fuji 50.
Stick Ken Karpinski's Low Wing Stick, 83", 15 Lbs., G-23. P-51D Edward Faup's P-51D, 82", 23 Lbs., Fuji 43. P-51B John Braun's German P-51B.
P-51Ds Aleksey Lomov's P51Ds, both 80", 16 Lbs., Saito 180. P-51D John English's P-51D, 85", 21 Lbs., OS 2.13.
Nieuport 11 Nobu Iwasawa's Nieuport 11, 70", 17 Lbs., G-38. Extra 260 Pat Monacelli's Extra 260, 105", 35 Lbs., DA100. P-47 Tom Dyl's P47D, 85", 27 Lbs., Q-52. Spacewalker Paul Abati's Spacewalker.
Challenger II Paul Sitler's Challenger II, 61", 14.5 Lbs., US41.
PT-19 Carl Gubkin's PT-19, 89", 15 Lbs., Saito 180. SE5A Bob Bennett's SE5A, 19 Lbs., Fuji 33. Ryan STA Justin Schneyebber's Ryan STA, 82", YS120. Nieuport 17 Rick Andrese's Nieuport 17, 108", 25 Lbs., G-62 Taylorcraft Rick Andrese's Taylorcraft, 104", 16 Lbs., G-26.

The People Chose

Up Close The People's Choice contest is a good time to see Really close all of the airplanes up close.
Everyone a vote Everyone in attendance is entitled to a vote. Intimidating Some models can be a bit intimidating. Last year's winner Larry Alles, two-time winner last year, received his awards.

And the Winner Was

Tom Dyl Tom Dyl's Top Flite P-47D was the Peoples' Choice this year. P-47D Tom's P-47 has an 85" wingspan. P-47D Weighing 27 pounds, it is powered by a Quadra 52. P-47D Tom controls it using a Futaba 9C radio. P-47D The retracts were made by Robart.
P-47D The propellor is a Zinger 20-10.
P-47D It exhibits a commanding presence in the air.

Flying Continued All Afternoon

Eindecker Gene Gavin's Eindecker, right side up this time. L-4 Patrick Hickey's L-4 Cub.
Nieuport Larry Alles helped Rick Andrese start his Nieuport 17. P-51 Eric Henderson starting his Red-Tail P-51. P-51 Eric's Red-Tail P-51 taking off.
John English John English saved his energy for flying. Yak Yaks weren't quite as prevalent as P-51s. Dr.1 John Eskow's Fokker Dr.1 taking off. P-40 Anthony Pansim's P-40 seemed to eat the sky. P-51 Michael Marafioti starting his P-51.
GeeBee It's hard to explain why kids can't ride in a GeeBee. No wheel No wheel? No problem!
Pitts Just follow the smoke to Mark Ciaglia's Pitts. Spacewalker Don Rowley helped Paul Abati start his Spacewalker.  

The Flying Farmer Bites the Dust

Adam Lilley Adam Lilley, an accomplished pilot with years of experience, Flying Farmer often thrills the crowd with his Flying Farmer routine. Low knife edge Doing un-Cub-like maneuvers, close to the ground, Trees, and close to the trees,
More trees he seems to continuously cheat the inevitable.
Still more trees Losing a wheel has been a mainstay of his performance, Lost wing but this year he extended it to losing a wing. Adam explains Interviewed by Greg Lucidi, Adam explained how Picking up pieces that part of the routine may need more work.  

It Just Looked Like a Beauty Contest

50/50 Drawing Drawing 50/50 tickets requires an honest face. Addison Addison Calla appeared to provide one. The best part: Interviewing pretty girls, like Kaela Sarcone. "... and, of course, I'd work to end world hunger." The contest's token male, Ben Soos, drew a ticket
and demonstrated how this is the best job of the event. "Oh please let my dad win the airplane." "I'm not married, don't have a boyfriend, and don't want one." Samantha Joyce drew the final ticket. The final prize found a good home.

Sunday was Also a Day of Flight

Avros Ketih Zimmerly and Bob Levandski both built Avros Levanduski Bob Levanduski completed the field assembly of his. Starting Avro Keith Zimmerly starting his engine. Avro Keith's Avro floated below the clouds. Avro Rick Andrese's Nieuport joined the formation.
Avro On a calm Sunday morning, the Avro lazes along. Avro Of course it's not limited to straight and level, Avro a loop here and there fitting neatly into the program. Starting Eindecker Frank Figurelli starting his bright red Eindecker. Eindecker Red contrasts nicely with blue.
Nieuport 17 Rick Andrese's Nieuport 17 up close. Arado John Tanzer flew this Arado AR-81. Arado The AR-81 was designed as a dive bomber. Ultimate This Ultimate Bipe showed up on Sunday morning. Ultimate It appeared to belong to John English.
Taylorcraft Rick Andrese flew this Taylorcraft on Sunday. Trainer Don Rowley flew this "trainer."
GeeBee This red-and-white GeeBee also appeared on Sunday, GeeBee and seemed to belong to John English GeeBee Everyone, it seems, wants to ride in a GeeBee.
Pat Monacelli Pat "Binky" Monacelli loves to fly: Up Straight up,
Sideways on the side,
Upside down or upside down.
Spectators The event appeared to provide good family entertainment,
Spectators for family members of all ages,
Photo ops and lots of photo opportunities as well. Shade tree The shade tree is always popular among club members. Tent The tent is a good spot, too.
Restaurant It's a lot like eating at the airport restaurant.

Food for Thought

Food pavillion The fact that we have lots of good food at MCRCS events Kitchen staff is due in large part to our enthusiastic kitchen staff. Brian Bunda Led this year by executive chef Brian Bunda, Seth Hunter Seth Hunter (smiling) felt that kitchen duty was the best. Bob Zupp New member Bob Zupp, on the fryer, heartily agreed.
Frank Figurelli Frank Figurelli, a kitchen veteran, was more reserved. Russ Breuninger Russ Brueninger just loves to hear those onions sizzle. Armand Graziani Events VP Armand Graziani recruited his whole family, Joanne Graziani including his wife, Joanne, and both daughters: Amanda Graziani Amanda shown here, and her sister Joanna.