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Welcome to the MCRCS Website!
AMA Gold

The Mercer County Radio Control Society is a GOLD
 LEADER chartered club (#422) of  the Academy of
Model Aeronautics. Our focus is radio controlled flying
models, but the range we fly is quite broad, extending
from small electric foam planes to scratch-built giant-
scale models with wingspans as great as nineteen feet.

The basic field for take off and landing is 510 feet by 370
feet which does not include the pits, parking, or sheds.

We Appreciate Your Interest!

To learn more click on this link about the club.

To find when we have our next meeting, refer to the Calendar tab.

Also, refer to the recent AMA Article from their Model Aviation magazine about our club.

FAA Interim Final Rule -
Please note that the FAA has issued an 
Interim Final Rule that requires drone pilots and model aircraft pilots to display their FAA-issued registration number on the outside surface of their aircraft.

FAA TFR Notices -
Please be on the alert for any TFR Notices via e-mail from the AMA indicating that an FAA NOTAM/TFR has been issued which prohibits outdoor radio control model aircraft operations during specified dates and times for security purposes.  If the MCRCS field is within the specified boundaries of an alert, then a Red Flag will be placed on the field during these occurrences.  

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Bomb & Parachute Drop Event
Turkey Fly 2023

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